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Children's Day Celebration.

A grand entrance with a STOMP performance by the MFPS staff.

Let's do a MASKquerade parade.

Look at my creative mask!

MFPS very own ROCK band!

Pupils are on their feet for the Children's Day concert finale.
Primary 4 Values in Action Bin Painting Session

In conjunction with the school’s efforts to promote service learning in pupils, the Primary 4 pupils participated in the Values in Action Bin Painting Session in Term 3 Week 9. This is a continuation of the VIA project that they have embarked on since the beginning of the year.

This project aims to raise the pupils’ awareness of the environment around their neighbourhood. Through this project, pupils helped to design brightly painted bins that will be placed around the neighbourhood.

Pupils cooperating with their classmates during the bin-painting session.

Pupils doing the final touch-up to the bins.

Pupils working in groups to paint the bins.
Teacher's Day Celebration

Finale performance by the Prefects.

Our teachers are happy because it is Teacher's Day.

Outstanding performance by members of the Chinese Dance group
Mid-Autumn Festival

The mid-autumn festival celebrations was held on 4th September during the recess time.

The pupils were exposed to the traditional Chinese culture of the mooncake festival through their hands-on involvement in the making of moon cakes. They also had lots of fun guessing the answers to the lantern riddles posed to them.

Let's play some riddles.

Look at my mini mooncake.

My first Chinese mooncake! Delicious!
Cultural Visit to Malacca on 1 & 2 September 2014

59 of our Primary 5 pupils have participated in the cultural visit to Malacca on 1 and 2 September 2014. The main objective of the cultural visit is to give pupils an opportunity to be exposed to and understand more about a different culture and environment. Our school believes that such overseas experience will help towards preparing them for the challenges of a globalised world.

The pupils went on a cultural and heritage trail in Malacca. They visited the Baba Nyona Museum, where they learn more about the history of the Peranakan culture. Pupils also walked through the famous Jonker Street to experience the rich heritage of the different races living in harmony.

The pupils visited the A Famosa, which is the fortress built by the Portuguese in 1511. It is one of the few European architectural building remains in Asia. The pupils carried on the learning journey to St Paul’s Church and Chris Church where they learned more about the history and legends of the heroes behind these architectural buildings.

The heritage trail included learning the history of the Stadthuys, which is built in the famous red-painted Dutch Square. It was once an official home to the Dutch Governors and is now a historical museum which houses traditional relics and costumes.

The pupils were involved in a visit to Sri Ramakrishna Orphanage. There, they learned to communicate with the children at the Orphanage. Our pupils then proceeded with a “Say It From Your Heart” project whereby they wrote appreciation notes and hand-delivered those notes to the children at the Orphanage. Some of our pupils gladly stood up and shared their views and appreciation. We also invited some children from the Orphanage to read out the appreciation notes.

During the 2D1N visit, the teachers constantly reminded the pupils to reflect on their learning and relate it to the NE values so that they can have better awareness of Asia and Singapore's position in the world. The cultural visit to Malacca has allowed our pupils to observe and appreciate the different cultures, heritage and living environment they experienced in Malacca. It also allows our pupils to exemplify values such as respect and empathy.

Interaction time with the children at the Sri Ramakrishna Orphanage.
Happy get together with the children at the Sri Ramakrishna Orphanage!
Pupils are listening attentively to the history of St Paul’s Church.
Group photo at the Malacca Museum Complex.
One of our pupils managed to find the Mayflower ‘ship’!
National Day Observance Ceremony at Yio Chu Kang Stadium

On 3rd August 2014, our school joined other schools and communities from Ang Mo Kio to take part in the National Day Observance Ceremony.

24 pupils wearing different CCA attire and costumes and 2 teachers represented our school by forming a small contingent to join in the march past with PM Lee as the Guest of Honour. Our pupils showed resilience and pride carrying the banners as we marched past the cheering audience and waving at them.

MFPS March Past

Smiles from our CCA representatives and Principal.
MFPS National Day 2014

All staff and pupils donned red and white attire on 8 August to celebrate our nation’s 49th year of independence. We celebrated the can-do attitude and caring spirit of our people that make us Singaporean, and Singapore, our home. Pupils and staff participated in the observance ceremony led by pupil leaders. Games and art engagement activities organised for pupils aimed to instil a greater sense of belonging and pride for Singapore, as well as understanding that everyone has a part to play in nation building.

It is our responsibility to build Our Home.

We love our country.

We piece up our wishes for Singapore.
Learn More about Mayflower Primary School

Missed our Open House? Click here to view the presentation and learn more about Mayflower Primary School. Click here to view the slide show of school life in MFPS.
Racial Harmony Day

On 21 July 2014, the school commemorated the Racial Harmony Day to mark the anniversary of the 1964 racial riots. A series of activities were planned with the aim of reminding pupils and staff the importance of Inter-culture understanding.

I learn a new Chinese word from a Chinese parent.

I'm playing a game at the Indian Culture game booth.

Now I know this is for Malay wedding.

MFPS Alumni, Mr Chiu Chai Hao

We are pleased that our MFPS Alumni, Mr Chiu Chai Hao, has been awarded the Teaching Scholarship (Overseas). Congratulations, Chai Hao!
Open House 2014

For those who have missed our Open House on 4 July 2014, please click the link here to browse for more information about the school.
PAssionArts Festival, Ang Mo Kio Central Stage, 2 June 2014

We are happy to share the learning experience our pupils had at the PAssionArts Festival, Ang Mo Kio Central Stage on 2 June 2014, Sunday. Graced by GOH Minister Lawrence Wong and accompanied by MPs of the AMK GRC, the PAssionarts event attracted a morning crowd who braved the eccentric drizzle on this lazy Sunday morning.

Ably led by art teacher, Ms Julia Loke Meu Yoke, our 9 children, P6A - Ramzul Hiekam, Lim Wan Hsin, Sim Yu Xian, P6B - Shamira Rysha, Parisa Mouri, Luis Molina, P6C - Ong Tze Xuan, Bernard Sng, Naufal Hadi, engaged participants in the making of vibrant tie-dye pieces. The tie-dyed lint cloth brought smiles to participants as they unfolded it to uncover their vibrant designs. Most importantly, our pupils clearly articulated their motto to lead and serve through words and deeds, touching the hearts of many, this rainy morning. We cannot say how immensely proud we are of them.

A picture with Minister Lawrence Wong, AMK MPs Dr. Intan Azura Binte Moktar, Mr Seng Han Thong & Mr Yeo Guat Kwang

Happy participants and their happy designs.

Sunburst tie-dye designs and our guests' bright cheery smiles

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2014

CCA Groups Achievements
Chinese Dance Certificate of Accomplishment
Dance Certificate of Distinction
Indian Dance Certificate of Accomplishment
Choir Certificate of Accomplishment
String Ensemble Certificate of Accomplishment
Guzheng Certificate of Distinction

Being precise with each string

Demonstrating synergy.

Focused on the music

In one spirit!

Our choir at School of the Arts

Performing The Dancing Smoke.

National Inter-Primary Taekwondo Championships 2014
Date - 15 to 17 Apr 2014

Individual Awards
Vincent 4C - 2nd in Junior Division Male White belt
Matthias 6C - 2nd in Senior Division Male green belt
Aqilah 6E - 3rd in Senior Division female yellow belt
Wilson 6A - 3rd in Senior Division male blue belt
Shao Cheng 6F - 3rd in Senior Division male brown belt

Team Awards
Darius 5D, Xavier and Vincent 4C - 2nd in Junior Division Male White belt
Caven and Matthias 6C, Benedict 6B - 2nd in Senior Division Male green belt
Afiq 6C, Shao Cheng 6F and Wilson 6A - 1st in senior Division Male blue belt
                                                                 2nd in senior Division Male brown belt

Overall Senior Male Award (3rd)

Aqilah getting 3rd in Senior Division female yellow belt

Pic 1: Congratulations to Nur Aqilah Bte Abdul Malik from 6E who came in 3rd in the National Inter-Primary Taekwondo Championships 2014 (Senior Division Female Yellow Belt Category).

From left - Matthias, Caven and Benedict got 2nd in Senior Division Team Male green belt

Pic 2: Congratulations to Matthias Chua and Caven Koh from 6C and Benedict Too from 6B who came in 2nd in the National Inter-Primary Taekwondo Championships 2014 (Senior Division Team Male Green Belt Category).

From left - Vincent, Darius and Xavier got 2nd in Junior Division Team Male White belt

Pic 3: Congratulations to Vincent Ong and Xavier Boon from 4C and Darius Lim from 5D who came in 2nd in the National Inter-Primary Taekwondo Championships 2014 (Junior Division Team Male White Belt Category).

Our School Alumni, Wen Hao holding the 3rd Overall Senior Male Award

Pic 4: Congratulations to the Taekwondo team for achieving the 3rd Overall Senior Male award in the National Inter-Primary Taekwondo Championships 2014.

Shao Cheng, Afiq and Wilson got 2nd in Senior Division Team Male brown belt

Pic 5: Congratulations to Wilson Tay from 6A, Afiq Azri B Ashari from 6C and Goh Shao Cheng from 6F who came in 2nd in the National Inter-Primary Taekwondo Championships 2014 (Senior Division Team Male Brown Belt Category).

Achievement for Tchoukball

Congratulations to the Tchoukball Senior Boys Team on emerging as the 2nd Runner Up during 7th SPH Foundation Zonal Primary School Tchoukball Championship 2014.

International Friendship Day The NE/SS committee planned the IFD Commemoration on the theme “Stories We Share”.

In line with the theme, pupils were tasked to prepare for a Reader’s Theatre performance held in the classroom during English Language lessons. The stories chosen were Asian folktales that encompassed strong moral lessons.

A photo booth was also set up for our international pupils to showcase their colourful national costumes.

5A wowing the school with their reading of 'The Four Puppets'

'I have lots of International Friends!'

The United Nations of Mayflower!

Do read about learning Math through Drama at MFPS through our Teaching Through the Arts Project (TTAP) here.
Parents Workshop (Slides)

The slides for the respective workshops are now available. You may retrieve the documents on ‘downloads' page.

-P1 & P2 English Language and Mathematics Parents Workshop - 24th April
-P1 to P4 Malay Language Parents Workshop - 25th April
P1 to P6 Tamil Language Parents Workshop - 2nd May

FamilyMatters@School Workshops - Term 3

Article: Schools take learning out of the box

Source: Schools take learning out of the box © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission
13th National Inter School Scrabble Championship

The 13th National Inter School Scrabble Championship was held over 2 Saturdays in April. 2 teams from our school qualified for the finals held at Downtown East.

Junior Division Team

Senior Division Team

4th Place Plate Category (Junior Division)

Members: Tai Wei Lun (Team Captain) from 4A, Boo Jia Wei from 4A, Julian Reyes Hoo from 4A, Wang Li from 4A, Erica Ong from 4A, Stephanie Lim from 4A & Megan Tang from 4A

Masters Award Winners

The Junior team also won the Masters Award. It is for the Finalist Team that Manifests the Highest Levels of Values such as Respect and Integrity.

Games Carnival

The annual Games Carnival is an extension of the PE curriculum where our pupils’ learning experience is further enriched. It brings together the pupils at each level (P4 – P6) to experience games not usually taught during PE and to allow our pupils to compete in friendly competitions. This year, the annual Games Carnival was held under a different format at the end of Term 1. Instead of having a one-off event as in previous years, the PE Department will organise a series of Games Carnival at the end of Term 1 and Term 2. It will be held over three days, one level each day. We hope that through this Games Carnival, our pupils will be motivated to pursue their passion in sports and to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Catch it!

Hey! Coach! You're too fast!

Time for target practice!

Parent-Child-Teacher-Conference & Parents Workshops

Parent-Child-Teacher-Conference on 14, 15 March and 30 May

The school places importance and value on its partnership with parents as they are the pillar behind the development of every pupil. Parents are the school’s key stakeholders. Hence, we value their support in every pupil’s development.

Parents-Child-Teacher-Conference (PCTC) is a platform where we hope to :
- Provide feedback to parents on the general progress of the child;
- Actively involve pupils to share about their learning experiences so as to encourage greater ownership and promote pupils’ voice in his/her own learning;
- Establish mutual respect, trust and commitment to better support the child to improve learning; and
- Build quality relationship with parents.

Parents Workshop

The school places importance and value on its partnership with parents as they are the pillar behind the development of every pupil. Parents are the school’s key stakeholders. Hence, we value their support in every pupil’s development.

As part of our school’s effort to engage parents in providing support for their children’s learning and development, we conduct a series of parents workshop is to foster and leverage on this partnership.

Back to school again!

Parents' hands-on session

Polya Thinking Routine

Use of ICT in Science

Performance at Gardens By The Bay

MOE Excel Fest 2014

MFPS’ innovative pedagogy of incorporating Drama in Mathematics learning was showcased at the recently concluded MOE ExCEL Fest 2014. The work of our pupils and staff were acknowledge by Minister Heng Swee Keat on his Facebook page.

“Drama and Mathematics. Strange pairing, right? Well, for Mayflower Primary School, Drama is used as an innovative teaching method to help students learn Mathematics. By integrating Drama into the teaching of Mathematics concepts such as Fractions, the teachers have found that this experiential method helps their students to learn in a more engaged and interactive manner. The result? Students understand Mathematics concepts better and also develop their problem solving abilities."

Photos: At ExCEL Fest, MFPS was also shared with fellow educators on our other signature arts integration innovation pedagogy, Construct! Weave! Write! A Place-based Approach to Integrated Learning in English Language, Social Studies, and Art.

MOE Excel Fest 1

MOE Excel Fest 2

MOE Excel Fest 3

PBL - Mdm Siti sharing with participants

PBL - Ms Suriana interacting with a participant

PBL - Pupils as Grasscutters in Hot Seat 1

PBL - Pupils reading letters to family members in Hot Seat 2

Presenters for Place-Based Learning

P3 & P4 Parents Workshop (Slides)

The slides for the respective subjects prior to P3 & P4 Parents Workshop held on 3rd & 4th April are now available. You may retrieve the documents on ‘downloads' page.

-P3 & P4 Parents Workshop - Principal's Address
-P3 & P4 Parents Workshop - English Language
-P3 & P4 Parents Workshop - Chinese Language
-P3 & P4 Parents Workshop - Subject-Based Banding
-P3 & P4 Parents Workshop - Science
-P3 & P4 Parents Workshop - Mathematics

MFPS is featured on our Education Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat’s facebook page dated 27 March.

“I was very pleased to meet Clarissa and Jing Ying, two former students of Mayflower Primary School. Now in secondary school, Clarissa and Jing Ying are wonderful examples of how a positive school and home experience nurtures our children to be responsible citizens who readily give back to society. Both girls are helping to run Project Galaxy which helps Primary 6 students improve their composition writing, and oral communication skills.”

Click here to view the full post pertaining to MOE TV Series ‘Small Steps Big Future’.

MOE ExCEL Fest 2014
7 hours ago by Nurulamni

Lee Yern Yu
Head Prefect 2014

As I returned to school in January, I found myself excited at the prospect of seeing my friends, and at the same time remembering that this would be my final year of an incredible journey at Mayflower Primary School. Indeed, every new school year at Mayflower promises unique opportunities and unparalleled learning experiences. 

Mayflower is a special place, where knowledge, fun and creativity has no end. This is why, I am honoured to be Head Prefect for the upcoming school year. As Head Prefect, I have the privilege of working with some of the most awesome prefects, and together, we will work to make this year memorable. As the Head Prefect of Mayflower Primary School, I promise to help everyone in the best way possible. And it is a promise I have every intention of fulfilling throughout the year.

This year promises to be exceptional. Together with my two Vice-Head Prefects, Exco members and other fellow Prefects, we are committed to achieving several goals throughout the year. Our first goal is sowing the Mayflower spirit in each and everyone of us. Indeed, we are committed to helping strengthen
unity amongst all of us through programmes that would be fun and meaningful.

Of course, the platform that will help us achieve our goal is communication with you. So, to all my fellow friends, do not hesitate to speak to me should you have any ideas to improve the school. Ultimately, in all our activities, we want to be as inclusive as possible.

The first thing any parent or teacher will tell you about  school is that it is a place for learning, but at Mayflower Primary, I have discovered it is also a place for developing new interests, nurturing passions and, most importantly, developing long-lasting friendships. After nearly 6 years in Mayflower Primary School, I have forged unbreakable bonds that I hope will only get stronger until I graduate.

Finally, I would like to thank all my friends who have always had faith in me. I would also like to thank my parents and teachers for guiding me on the right track and getting me to where I am now. 

And with that, I, Lee Yern Yu, Head Prefect of 2014, end my speech. Thank you.

In February 2014, our senior team participated in Primary 6 Netball Development Programme organised by the Singapore Sports School (SSS). As SSS aims to identify and nurture sports talent in Singapore schools, this programme has been crafted to add value to the existing skills of the players and further develops their potential.

Through this programme, the girls have gained better exposure and are more prepared for the upcoming zonal tournaments.

Timea Csilla  Bay Szlany of 6B and Kelly Chuashuen Nawachatpongsatorn of 6C were scouted during the day's programme and are identified to join the Primary 6 Games Pro Performance (GPPE) Programme 2014. We are proud of these girls!

P5 & P6 Parents Workshop (Slides)
3/2/2014 9:06:24 PM by Nurulamni

The slides for the respective subjects prior to P5 & P6 Parents Workshop held on 20th & 21st February are now available. You may retrieve the documents on ‘downloads' page.

-P5 & P6 Parents Workshop - Principal's Address
-P5 & P6 Parents Workshop - English Language
-P5 & P6 Parents Workshop - Mathematics
-P5 & P6 Parents Workshop - Science
-P5 & P6 Parents Workshop - Chinese Language
-P5 & P6 Parents Workshop - Malay Language

FamilyMatters@School Workshops
2/19/2014 11:07:22 PM by Nurulamni

We are pleased to bring in benefitting workshops for our dear parents. Let’s join us as we embark in this journey of understanding our Family, Children and Ourselves. More details pertaining to the workshop will be given via notification as the date comes nearer. Do register for these workshops and we hope to see you there!

Newsletter Perfect TEN - February Issue
2/19/2014 7:40:28 PM by Nurulamni
Our school's Perfect TEN - February Issue is now available for reading. You may click on downloads to retrieve the newsletter.

The slides for the respective subjects prior to the P1 Curriculum Briefing and Hanyu Pinyin workshop held on 3 January are now available. You may retrieve the documents on ‘downloads' page.

P1 Curriculum Briefing - Principal's Address
P1 Curriculum Briefing - English Language
P1 Curriculum Briefing - Mathematics
P1 Curriculum Briefing - Mother Tongue Language
P1 Curriculum Briefing - Programme for Active Learning
Hanyu Pinyin Workshop

The school clinched the top level Lotus Award for the School Green Awards (SGA) 2013 in recognition of its holistic efforts to raise environmental consciousness, and consequently action, among students and staff of the school.

The school has also been awarded the Gold Award for the 3R Awards 2013 that further affirms the actions of pupils and staff to exhibit the values of recycle, reuse and reduce whenever such opportunities arise. 
Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) 2013
11/28/2013 8:22:33 PM by Nurulamni

Congratulations, Class of 2013, for achieving all-round excellence! We want to thank our Staff for their efforts in guiding our pupils with great dedication and commitment and our Parents for their support and partnership in the educational journey of our pupils.


Top PSLE Scorers:    
MFPS Outstanding Pupil Award Recipients:


Pupils who participated in Direct School Admission:

Name of Pupil

School Posted To

Ong Ru Yin, Rebecca

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

Filzah Binte Mohd Amiruddin

Mayflower Secondary School

Mohammed Darwin

Mayflower Secondary School

Ho Bing Xian

Presbyterian High School

Tye Yi Zhong Atticus

Presbyterian High School

Lip Jun Weng Richmond

Raffles Institution

Sharmela Sundararajan

School of Science & Technology

Wong Ao Shen

School of Science & Technology

Natasha Da Costa

School of the Arts, Singapore

Zachary Sim Jun Jie

School of the Arts, Singapore

Low Koon Lin

Yio Chu Kang Sec School

Highlights of Class of 2013’s Holistic Achievements:

Hasya Nazihah Binte Mohd Yazid

         Recipient of the MFPS Outstanding Pupil Award

         2013 MOE Edusave Character Award recipient

         Vice-Head Prefect

         Member, Infocomm Club

         Merit award, School Digital Media Award competition 2013

         3rd Prize, 2013 Big Eyes, Big Minds Filmmaking Competition for Kids, The Arts House

         Lead actress, ”I have a Dream” Aesthetics Milestone production

         Participated in Visual Art immersion programme to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ho Bing Xian

         Recipient of the MFPS Outstanding Pupil Award

         CCA Captain, MFPS Boys’ Brigade

         Bronze Honour Roll, BB Adventure Quest 2013

         Member, School Track and Field Team

         Member of Community Dance Circle, heARTS in the community Aesthetics Milestone Interactive Arts Carnival

         Participant, Young Authors’ Scheme

         Direct School Admission, Presbyterian High School

Natasha Michella da Costa

         Head Prefect

         Recipient of the MFPS Outstanding Pupil Award (reorder)

         Soloist, Singapore Youth Festival@Botanic Gardens

         Soloist, heARTS in the Community Aesthetics Milestone Interactive Arts Carnival

         Member, School Choir

         Selected for MOE Music Talent Development Centre (Choir)

         Direct School Admission, School Of The Arts (Music)

Sharmela Sundararajan

         Recipient of the MFPS Outstanding Pupil Award

         2013 MOE Edusave Character Award recipient

         Member, Prefectorial Board

         CCA Captain, School Netball Team

         CCA Captain, MFPS Indian Dance

         Choreographer, Flash Mob performance, heARTS in the community Interactive Arts Carnival

         Certificate of Commendation, 12th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition 2013

         Direct School Admission, School of Science and Technology

Thel Su Thazin

         Recipient of the MFPS Outstanding Pupil Award

         EXCO Member, Prefectorial Board

         Member, MFPS Chinese Dance

         Lead actress, ”I have a Dream” Aesthetics Milestone production

Zachary Sim

         Member, MFPS Cultural and Aesthetics Club

         Lead actor, “I Have a Dream” Aesthetics Milestone production

         Member of Community Dance Circle, heARTS in the community Aesthetics Milestone Interactive Arts Carnival

         Finalist, RHB-ST National Spelling Championships 2013

         Bronze Award, ACJC Little Professor Science Research Programme

         Direct School Admission, School Of The Arts (Theatre)

Our top PSLE pupils share their thoughts on:

How Mayflower Primary School has helped them achieve success:

“The school has nurtured me into who I am today, a meticulous thinker, and inspires me to strive for the best,” Ng Ying Yi

“My subject teachers teach in a way that is clear and easy to understanding. I also must thank my teachers for giving me the chance to enter different competitions. These competitions have given me fun learning experience as well as a lot of new knowledge,”  Zachary Sim

“The school organised many activities which helped me improve and achieve. The teachers are very encouraging and helpful,” Ng Soar Z

“The school nurtured me, enabling me to fulfill my full potential. I am very grateful and am sure that students will always be cared for in this school,” Thel Su Thazin

“The school has given me a lot of opportunities to showcase my talent. The teachers were humorous and I enjoyed their lessons,” Pua Ying Zhen

“Mayflower Primary School has given me many opportunities to enhance my learning skills I was able to participate in many competitions with my friends. My teachers taught me the skills that I need to learn,” Tan Robbin

Some of their fondest memories of MFPS:

“The caring teachers and my friends,” Jocelyn Lim

“My awesome friends and my awesome teachers who taught me for these six years,” Jim Seah

“Being with my friends and teachers in a nurturing environment,” Ng Ying Yi

“The friends here are very close. Thanks to the caring teachers too. I feel very reluctant to leave Mayflower Primary School,” Hasya Nazinah

Eco-Rangers Club - Awards
11/25/2013 12:29:35 AM by Nurulamni
The school clinched the Lotus Award for the School Green Awards 2013, Gold Award for the 3R Awards 2013, Merit for the Corporate and School Partnership Programme Environment Project Competition and Bronze Certificate of Sustained Partnership with our corporate partner, Seagate Technology International.


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